The COVID-19 Communications Pallet for Government Leaders, Policy and Healthcare Professionals.

“In order to bend the curve, we have to bend human behavior through more effective communications”  – Solomon Carter


The COVID-19 Communications Pallet was created by Solomon Carter, architect of the Performance Improvement Ethics Risk & Communication Enhancement™ Model known as The PIERCE™ Model. Carter  migrated many of the core concepts of PIERCE™, enhanced and then integrated them into the emergency management and underlying communications requirements needed to surge performance efforts in “bending the curve” for States throughout the nation.

It is through his model that he believed that “A surge in infections should be met with a surge in more communication because it is through effective communications that we can bend human behavior the best. If we don’t ‘bend the behavior,’ then we can’t ‘bend the curve.’ And it all starts with communication. It is one of the foundational tenants of PIERCE™ and why it immediately occurred to me that I had to release the model and create this tool, six months early to assist with the COVID-19 pandemic,” Carter states.

The COVID-19 Communications Pallet was created to systematize and streamline communications between the States (and the cities within those states) so that vital resources can be recognized, utilized and potentially shared in order to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The COVID-19 Communications Pallet” streamlines critical data and provides easy to use and easy to understand guidelines to stakeholders on how to marshal local resources and allow other stakeholders in other jurisdictions/states to see and glean from standardized solutions that already work. And then activate those exact same resources in their own respective geographical areas. It helps leaders create and implement a call to action and serves as an idea factory at the same time.

It serves as a city, county and state playbook and is designed to surge performance by making the lines of communication more uniformed, standardized, concise and effective for jurisdictions throughout the nation to communicate select critical information to one another. 

It is a free resource designed to save time, identify solutions and most importantly, save lives during this global health crisis.  

To learn more and see its applications, watch this quick video here (Link)

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The Five Unbreakable Rules to COVID-19 Communications

  • Don't Ever Substitute a Tool for a Solution
  • Any Form of Confusion = RISK
  • More Communication is a Qualitative Value and not a Quantitative one
  • Bend Behavior
  • Perform to Standards in Excellence


“Any Form of Confusion = RISK”